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Virginia Woolf

(1882-1941) Fiercely intelligent feminist writer Virginia Woolf had various affairs with both men and women, most famously a ten-year affair with Vita Sackville-West. Her connection to the Isle of Wight… Continue reading Virginia Woolf

Lord Louis Mountbatten

(1900 – 1979) In 1965 Mountbatten was appointed Governor of the Isle of Wight and he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of the Island in 1974. He was assassinated on his… Continue reading Lord Louis Mountbatten

Robert Nichols

(1893-1944) Robert Nichols was an English poet and playwright often referred to as one of the First World War ‘war poets’. He was born on the Isle of Wight in… Continue reading Robert Nichols

The Ferguson Gang

(1920’s) ‘Bill Stickers’, ‘Sister Agatha’, ‘Red Biddy/ White Biddy’ and ‘Kate O’Brien the Nark’ were pseudonyms used by a group of young women who came together to form what was… Continue reading The Ferguson Gang

Joe ‘Marion’ Carstairs

(1900 – 1993)   Marion Barbara Carstairs was known as ‘Joe’, she had numerous female lovers, which were said to include Oscar Wilde’s niece, Dolly Wilde, as well as Hollywood… Continue reading Joe ‘Marion’ Carstairs

First News Post

Really exciting news 🙂

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