A StoneCrabs Theatre Company Project

Bruce Laker / Phaedra Kelly


Bruce Laker, an artist, poet and activist was born on the Isle of Wight, living in Freshwater and Ryde. He was seen in the Isle of Wight’s carnivals dressed as Phaedra Kelly. In 1983, Phaedra’s wedding at the Isle of Wight Registry Office made national headlines when he married Vanda, a cis woman at the registry office in Newport with Vanda as the groom and Kelly in traditional bridal attire.

Laker coined the term ‘gender transient’, which was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in the 1990s. He travelled extensively supporting other gender transients and gathered memorabilia which he sewed on to a large banner. This was displayed in Out On An Island’s exhibition along with Phaedra’s wedding dress. Kelly eventually founded the International Gender Transient Affinity (IGTA), which aided Amnesty International in its first sexual minorities case.

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