A StoneCrabs Theatre Company Project



Out On An Island celebrated LGBTQ+ History with the first ever exhibition entirely dedicated to LGBTQ+ Heritage on the Isle of Wight.

Memorabilia and Oral histories from local LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages gaining a new perspective of the Isle of Wight’s past. 


Mindful that it is only 54 years since homosexuality was partially decriminalised in the UK, the project celebrates same-sex love, desire and gender diversity and the challenges of being LGBTQ+ on the island. 


These stories have captured harrowing accounts of how people have dealt with change, externally due to Politics and the law, and internal personal struggles as people strive to be their authentic selves. 


There are uplifting, inspiring and soul-searching journeys from some who found acceptance and true happiness on the Isle of Wight.

The exhibition features an enlightening film documentary, “Our Stories Matter” shining a light on local heritage and looking at the notable LGBTQ+ people connected with them.  Photographer Jon Haben’s portraits skilfully reflect local people and the oral histories they shared with us, and artwork by commissioned Island artists Karl Stedman and Sydney Cardew show a unique response to the project. We also have noteworthy memorabilia collected by the curating team featuring the Sailing and Cruising Association, WightOut newsletters and IW Pride.