A StoneCrabs Theatre Company Project

Jude Ashley-Walker

Jude is a lesbian who was born in London. She describes feelings of gender dysphoria when she was a child. Jude was the Isle of Wight representative for Kenric, a… Continue reading Jude Ashley-Walker

Julian Clarke

Julian is a trans man who was born on the island and has lived most of their life here. Their original ambition was to work in music production and he… Continue reading Julian Clarke


Jess is an Island raised queer woman born in 1991 and now living in the north of England. She frequently returns to visit the island and dreams of a world… Continue reading Jess

David Froud

David is an openly gay man who lived as a monk for seven years before moving to the Isle of Wight in 1975 where he met his first partner. He… Continue reading David Froud

Caroline Diamond

‘Late onset lesbian’ Caroline was born in 1966 and came out aged 46. She moved to the Isle of Wight in 2000 due to her then husband’s job. She has… Continue reading Caroline Diamond

Callum Murphy

Callum is a gay man who was born in 1990. He works for local government and has been a volunteer for Isle of Wight Pride. After moving to the mainland… Continue reading Callum Murphy


Listen to the story of a man who prefers to remain anonymous. He identifies as gay or queer and was born at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, Isle of Wight… Continue reading Annonymous