A StoneCrabs Theatre Company Project

Anna Murray

Anna Murray is known for her work as a Sexual Health Community Practitioner for Solent NHS Trust, as well as her previous role as Age UK’s LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime Lead. She helps run the Island’s only women’s LGBTQ+ group and also runs ‘Time For T’, the only trans support group on the Isle of Wight. The group worked with Boots to offer make up sessions for trans people, with this scheme later being rolled out to the brands’ mainland shops.


In 1997, Murray was involved with Island Gay and Lesbian Youth Network (IGLYN); perhaps the Island’s first youth group for LGBTQ+ young people. In 2016, Anna organised a vigil in Newport for the victims of the Orlando massacre, working with Hampshire Constabulary’s LAGLO officers. She arranged for the Pride flag to be flown outside the police station and at County Hall. It was at the vigil that discussions about an Isle of Wight Pride started.

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